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Something about my dad

To the world, My Dad may be deemed as an ordinary man with not much of education. But to me, he is my greatest dad. It was never easy for my dad to take care of me and my siblings ever since my mother passed away. I could never fathom the heavy load on his shoulders which he has been carrying all these years. 

Memories of how he took care of me when i was sick; encouraged me when i mucked up my exam; the times where he disciplined me when i played dare-devil are still vividly playing on my mind. 

There's no words to describe how great you are, my daddy. You will always be crowned as the hero in my heart. 

Love you, papa.   

Unspoken Blessings

Hearing the unfortunate stories of others urges me to post my thoughts on this long abandoned blog. I really want to thank God for many unspoken blessings in my life.

The very first breath that we take when we wake up is already a very great blessings from God. Life is so fragile that you can lose it in split second. A relative of mine had fallen sick from pneumonia and was being hospitalized in ICU. One of her lungs collapsed that she had to depend on a ventilator to breathe. The fluid in her body was so highly depleted to the point of kidney failure.  The hydration was caused by severe diarrhea and vomiting. She was seen healthy two days before she was admitted and i just couldn't believe what i heard. Thank God that she's gradually recovering from this critical illness. It is indeed a great blessing that i'm still alive and not disabled or handicapped. I always complain that i don't make enough money but without good health, i wouldn't have had the opportunity to work.

My low self-image always makes me think that I'm least loved. Sometimes, this thought drives me away from my friends and family. However, there are more people suffer from loneliness. I heard from my mother-in-law that there's a loner died unnoticed for many days until the stench of the dead body alerted the neighbours nearby.

Well, things have been going tough lately because of many changes happened in a year: new job, new relationship status, new environment and new church. The pimples on my face are the result of a string of new events in life. When my status changed from 'single' to 'married', a lot of things have to be considered because i'm not only married to a man but another family as well. However, after hearing unfortunate stories of others, I feel less depressed because I realized that God's been so good to me all these while.

Bersih 2.0 Rally

More than thousand reports received nationwide against Bersih rally which will be held on 9th July. There is no proof where these complaints come from. It would be good to let us know which politicians of their kind or BN members lodged the reports. i believe some reports may have come from the same person. My brother-in-law saw a group of UMNO youth wearing Anti-bersih T-shirt, having a so-to-called LEGEL gathering which is supposedly to show their discontent about this rally. When my brother-in-law approached one of the guys about what they were going against, he said he has no clue of what it is at all! Khairy, you have done a brilliant job in educating your UMNO youth. Hey hey, by the way, who has started the demonstration in the street?

I wonder why Barisan Nasional is so afraid of this rally. Are they afraid that their shitty things will be exposed once another party takes over the ruling? Or they just want to defend their "mangkuk" for survival? Bersih 2.0 rally has already mentioned that participants will come in peace. If this campaign is to refurbish the entire election system to promote fair and just election, i think the government shouldn't have rejected the idea but joining in to show to the rakyat that Najib wants to stop dirty politics and play fair (as he has claimed in the newspaper). Till now, the BN people have not learnt the more they go against democratic activities, the more the people think they still want to stick back to dirty tricks in winning the election. It's time for BN to realise that democratic movements is happening around the world and suppressing these movements will just stir up more anger and frustration among the rakyat. 

Let's hope that the future government is for the rakyat and rakyat alone. 

The Harvest Is Here

2010 is a good year. Why is it a good year? let me tell you one by one.

Firstly, it's the year the young adults group is formed. I still remember the young adults group was struggling to survive and we had poor attendance before we have Carmen and Kevin joining in. The fervidness of coming together was drowned with our busyness and was not kept up with anyone who desires the growth of this group. Ever since the joining of Carmen, Kevin, Pooi Seng and Anne, new members added into our number. We encourage one another with the Word of God and provide shelter to those who are in trouble. What touches my heart is the visitation they made to my family and Winson's dad. Give thanks to God for Sister Carmen and Brother Kevin that generously extending their love and care for us.  

Secondly, It's about God bringing in harvest to our hard work. I used to think that gospel can hardly reach human's heart up till this year that i see God's hand move in our small community. In year 2009, we have 5 new believers coming to this big family of Christ and this year, God increases our number to 9! Without great music and worship service, the people are just simply drawn by the beauty of the gospel. i just hope that you guys will keep these people in your prayer that they will continue to be disciple of Christ: Pooi See, Pui Kuan, Jack, Ben, Sin Man, Wai Kit, Sammi Yee, Siew Yee and Pooi Yee, Kar Hoe, Shen Wai, Xiao Yan, Xiao Wei and Brian.

God, You are so good!!!