Do you stand for what you believe?

Many Christians face the dilemma over the decision of following God and following the world. We always want to get direct answers from God but surprisingly, we're always frightened by the answer that we get. This happens because we always expect God to respond to our prayers the way we want it to be. Don't you think this is an act of treating God like Santa Claus or wishing well?

Christians have many dreams to pursue and they may think whatever they do are for the kingdom of God. Things such as forming a great band, be the best Christian singer that will impact the world, making the best film that will make many converts. These dreams are great and may sound or seem pleasant to those who are sold out for God. Nevertheless, in the process of pursuing their dreams, they forget about the general commands that God wants us to follow, which is to make disciple.

Making disciple is not an overnight transformation of new believers but a constant follow-up with their walk with Jesus. It's always easy to make converts but when it comes to making disciples, many churches fail in this area. If we were to really stand up for what we believe, we would pour our our lives to others regardless of how tiring it is to bring up a person.

As I have learnt from cell meeting, God's given purpose is never for us but for others. We are made for God and thus we live for others. Jesus laid down his life for us when we were yet sinners. Therefore, we shall do the same, washing other people's feet despite of how dirty their feet are.

The summary of Cell discussion material has made a good point of what on earth we are here for.

The purpose of life is far greater than

Your own personal fulfilment...

Your peace of mind...

or even your happiness...

It's far greater than your family...

Your career....

or even your wildest dreams and ambitions...

I understand that not many people will take this path. But if we were to live up the calling of God, certain things shall be ripped off in order to gain reward of eternity. May God continue to sustain me, giving me encouragement to move on so that more people will believe in this true God who's always willing to forgive our many sins.

Sleepless night

It's already 2.50am. I know that I should be in the bed but Left 4 Dead has awaken my brain neuron cells. When I closed my eyes, I could only see zombies running towards me as if I was alive in the cyber world, fighting my very best to stay on. I'm totally convicted that I have to stop playing computer games. As I was washing my face, a soft voice whispered to my ears, saying that I must stop all these addictions. The living room has been empty for quite some time and it's time to clean it up so that Jesus and I will have more personal time in the comfy room.

The other reason which made me keep tossing and turning in my bed is my career. As I browsed through the list of jobs available in jobstreet, I've found a job which I've been searching for. It's only a five-day job and it offers 2-2.3k monthly salary. For Ipoh standard, the pay is considered very high especially for an administrative work. All along, I wanted a job which allows me to dedicate my time on church ministry and here comes the opportunity. But I dare not to take the step of handing in my resignation letter because I don't want to disappoint Winson's mum. My heart tells me that I should try other jobs instead of sticking to the current one. I'm literally torn apart. It's a very hard decision to make. If only God just told me what to do, life would be so much simpler.

New hairdo

Finally, I've got a new image. I'm already very tired of looking at my long straight hair. Time for a change. Here are the pictures of 'before' and 'after' as well as my nerdy look.

Nerdy Look


That's all for today. = p