It's sad to see people easily swayed by their own emotions. haha...i'm not excluded from this. Whenever we are in the mood of entertaining others, we may go around with a big smile on our faces, trying to be a good buddy to everyone. But when we go through episodes of unhappy events (e.g. just have had a small cut on your finger, someone has unintentionally offended you, dislike a person's attitude due to previous happening, failure in relationship, arguments with family or friends, frustration with studies and etc), we let our anger, frustration and sadness break loose either by beating others, mentally or verbally abusing our loved ones, putting on a touch-the-ground papaya face, staring into the thin air as if no one is around or showing cynical attitude.

What does God say when we face giants in our lives?

"Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" 1 Thessalonians 5: 16 - 18

God asks us to be thankful in ALL circumstances, whether it rains or shines. We thank God not because we receive material blessing (i.e, PSP, car, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, handphone, musical instrument, laptop) or when things going our way but because God alone is good. Being thankful means always be grateful even if there's only a dim light of hope. You might ask, "How can i be grateful since God allowed these things happened to me?!!" Well, i can tell you that life is not a bed of roses. We have to go through difficulties in order to make us grow (Too bad if you purposely look for trouble). if we were to sulk over every single unhappy event, we will only trap ourselves in bitterness and can hardly have breakthrough. That is why God commands us to be joyful always so that we will be freed from this bondage.

Consider Job who lost everything. First the loss of his properties with the news of his children death followed and was later inflicted by sores from tip to toe. During that period of agony, he didn't curse God for the mishaps that happened, however, he said this,

"Naked i came from my mother's womb, and naked i will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised."

May you find joy, peace and strength from God in times of difficulties.


I'm blessed to have a group of good friends around me.Things are going well nowadays.People start to practice the Word of God in their lives especially Andrew and Weng Kin. I'm very proud of them because they are becoming more mature and are willing to make more sacrifice for the sake of Christ. I just hope that they will continue to keep up their passion for God. Guys and gals, days will be tough for me if i were to live without you guys...thanks a lot...

Today, the church seemed to be a bit quiet. It could be the absence of "the loudspeaker" that made me feel this way. Judee, i feel very uneasy when you are not around la...do you know how important you are to me!!!hehe...I was excited to see Gladys, my ex-mentor in church but didn't know what to say when she beckoned me to her side. The situation was a bit awkward. Glad to know that she still goes to church in Singapore. Made a date with Christina today that we'll go to Singapore together once she's done with her degree. The porridge made by Aunty Saw was great. I had two bowls of it with extra "yau zha ghui" as topping, sitting at the same table as Jia Foong and Kylie. Jia Foong seemed to be quiet as well, not as talkative as last time. Wish that i could finish my thesis before due date so that i can have more time for them, to share every bit of my life with them.

It is great to have Ka Yee in our midst. She gives me the impresision that she's different other youths, not emotional, joyful, easy-going, sociable, not grumpy and not demanding. Although she's not a Christian but she seems to enjoy coming to church. Today, in cell, as i shared about the love of Christ and His death on the cross, she was very attentive and her eyes turned red. I really hope that the gospel speaks to her heart. I will try to probe something from her soon. hehe...

After the youth service, we went 'tasty place' to have our lunch. Yee Sue, another great sister in Christ of mine was sitting beside me. Chatting with her is an enjoyment because of her friendly character. I've already promised Kylie that i'd teach her drum on Sundays in which today. Therefore, i went back to church after the meal to give a her drum lesson. Kylie is very talented in playing drums although she doesn't listen to my instruction at times. She can get the groove of it very fast whenever a song is being played. I taught her a new drum beat but she took quite sometime to get it because of her hands and feet coordination. but i believe she can do it next week if she really practices in kampar.

Winson is going to stay overnight in Kampar tonight. sigh...won't be seeing him for one day...

Definition of Beauty

I feel very sad deep within...I'm afraid of what future holds. when i browsed through my schoolmates' pictures, sense of jealousy overwhelmed me. They looked so much happier than where i am now. I feel that i'm very small, naive, immature and stupid. WHY can't i live the life that i want?

Suddenly, God reminded me of His word. Time ticks away swiftly and our days are numbered...no matter how pretty we dress up, how smart we can be or how successful we are in this world, we are nothing in the eyes of God. What he matters most is our relationship with Him. There are times i struggle with the flesh desire, but His Word comforts me. He brings me hope and a promising future, a life that is different from the world point of view.

Last Saturday night, Winson shared to me the life journey of John Wesley, the founder of Methodist Church. His only mission in life is to carry the good news to God's people. He disciplined himself to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 4am to preach the good news to the peasants. He entirely deprived himself of entertainment. Daily, he engaged himself in prayer at least 4 hours. Despite of the toil he went through, he gave all his money to the poor and the needy. He said that if anyone were to find more than 10 pounds in his body after he died, he'd consider himself a thief by robbing the poor. In his lifetime, he earned only 1 pound a day, and his earning in total was approximately 21900 pounds, excluding the selling of his articles. However, he donated 30,000 pounds to the poor and the needy.

Because of the contribution of John Wesley, the church grew and God added number upon the church. To me, i think that is the legacy God wants us to pass on, selfless faith and great compassion for God's people, die for the gospel...

May i pursue this beauty rather than the beauty that fades...