~Every bit of my life: 1~

I attended young adult cell today and the theme of the video that we watched is "Matthew". The starting of the video captured my attention because the music was very soothing and it actually comforted me. Rob Bell started the topic with an introduction of his closed friend named Matthew. Matt stayed together with him after the split of his parents. He didn't grieve over the separation of his parents but he continued moving on with his life from school to work. Eventually, Matt died in a very terrible car accident. At that moment, my heart ached when Rob teared on the screen as he recalled his memory with Matt. I understand the feeling of loss of loved ones. His story reminded of the demise of my mum and my grandma.

Personally experienced this when i was just a ten-year-old kid. My mum suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and it had chronically damaged my mum's lungs which resulted in her death due to lung failure. That was the very first time i see my dad cry. He wept as he saw my mum lying on the bed with the support of heart-lung machine. When i received the news of my mum's death, i did not cry. I was kind of prepared for the day to come. I told myself not to cry coz there's not point crying. How good would it be if my mum is still alive...I really thank God that He gave my mum a chance to know Him and to receive Him as her saviour.