The Harvest Is Here

2010 is a good year. Why is it a good year? let me tell you one by one.

Firstly, it's the year the young adults group is formed. I still remember the young adults group was struggling to survive and we had poor attendance before we have Carmen and Kevin joining in. The fervidness of coming together was drowned with our busyness and was not kept up with anyone who desires the growth of this group. Ever since the joining of Carmen, Kevin, Pooi Seng and Anne, new members added into our number. We encourage one another with the Word of God and provide shelter to those who are in trouble. What touches my heart is the visitation they made to my family and Winson's dad. Give thanks to God for Sister Carmen and Brother Kevin that generously extending their love and care for us.  

Secondly, It's about God bringing in harvest to our hard work. I used to think that gospel can hardly reach human's heart up till this year that i see God's hand move in our small community. In year 2009, we have 5 new believers coming to this big family of Christ and this year, God increases our number to 9! Without great music and worship service, the people are just simply drawn by the beauty of the gospel. i just hope that you guys will keep these people in your prayer that they will continue to be disciple of Christ: Pooi See, Pui Kuan, Jack, Ben, Sin Man, Wai Kit, Sammi Yee, Siew Yee and Pooi Yee, Kar Hoe, Shen Wai, Xiao Yan, Xiao Wei and Brian.

God, You are so good!!!