I Hate Being Alone In The Office

Guess what, i'm blogging in the office!! is this what you call 'curi tulang'? anyway, i feel super annoyed by someone in the office. I don't really know why he talks so much. With his presence around, i feel very suffocating. I don't want to appear to be mean to him but he is super duper annoying. He makes me feel bad of not entertaining him. But i know if i give him an inch, he'll take a foot. Well, i have experimented on that. I've tried asking him one question and he could come out with five LONG sentences.

Today, in the office, i received a call asking for vacancy. Since Uncle Albert (HR manager cum administrative manager cum customer service executive. LOL...) is not around in the office, i have to take charge of jotting down his name and contact number. And this fellow came to me and said if i could transfer the call to him in which i did in the end. I really pity the guy who talked to him over the phone. You know what he did? He gave him a phone interview, asking him whether if he could do this, do that, climb this, climb that. To me, he's made working in Wincomm like a mission impossible. The phone interview went on for 15-20 minutes. Towards the end on of the conversation then only he asked for his name and qualifications. When i overheard that, i was totally speechless.

God, please teach me how to be more tolerant with this kind of people. I really couldn't stand him any longer. He makes me feel horribly bad because i did not do what You command me to do, accepting him merits and weaknesses.

Sigh....off for work now. See you guys.