Character Sharpener

Actually, it's been tough for the past few weeks due to work and happenings in family. I always feel like giving up because there's no way that i see myself improve in terms of my character. Memory is getting worse and worse by days. I always want to make things right but will somehow end up with mistakes and blunders. Absent-mind, selfishness and low self-esteem are always the struggles. Having a sound mind 24 7 seems to be a mission impossible. I hate all the weaknesses i have.

I really want to thank God for the topic which we discussed in cell meeting tonight. God reminds me that no one is perfect and perfectionists are always found unapproachable. It is true that when we expose our weaknesses and struggles to others, people tend to open up to us. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Jesus said: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." At first, i found it a bit absurd to be grateful for our weaknesses. I was thinking how could i be happy with the ugliness that i have. But God said these weaknesses will prevent myself from arrogance and other people may find healing in my wounds. 

I've read a story about a woman being raped in a shopping mall car park on the day before her wedding. She went through tremendous physical and mental struggles.Her marriage life with her husband was affected because of the trauma she went through. In the end, she forgave the one who raped her and gave him a Bible. Since then, she broke free from this bondage of hurts and pain. I'm pretty sure her life testimony has encouraged many women who suffer from sexual abuse. This is our God who makes the imperfect perfect. 

In the cell material, i like the part where it says 'GOD IS NEVER LIMITED BY OUR LIMITATIONS'. I hope i'll change my perspective of my own weaknesses so that others might find praise in God.

Mind Clutter

Feeling very sad right now. 
I wonder if Uncle Joseph will be well on my wedding day. 
God, Uncle Joseph needs you to overcome his fear and anxiety.
Fill him with Your peace and love.
Please don't leave him alone like an abandoned child.