What's UP? 2010 (camp site survey)

Hello there!I just wanna use my blog to publicize about the upcoming camp of GMC What's UP? 2010. I've taken some pictures of the place where we are going to have the camp. Since i'm the game master, the power of torturing people is in my hand. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Well, before showing you the pictures of Barre I.J. Centre (Camp site), i shall unfold the journey that i had with Winson in Cameron Highlands

First, we headed ourselves to T cafe because Weng Kin said that the scones there are highly recommended.

T Cafe is soon to be changed to the Lord's cafe

The scone is real good. So good that you can even eat it on its own. 
Special home made chicken pie. it's very rich in Indian spices.


Let's learn up a bit of Cameron History. This post office was officiated by our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman in year 1956

As we were walking to Barre I.J., we found these nice plants along the way.

Here we are at Barre I.J. Centre

Front View


Hall for our 'sessions'

If you want to know more about this camp, please go to 'what's up?' page on facebook. Trust me, this camp is going to be a memorable one. What are you waiting for? Just sign up with us today by filling up the form below

That's all. Have a great week. God bless!!!