Diluted Love

Hearing a lot of stories about young and old with love problem. I realise people nowadays make their decision so much based on emotions and feelings rather than rationality. Friends around will always advise you to try out a relationship before getting serious into it. I wonder how they determine the degree of effort to put in before they really know the relationship can last. People are getting confused about love and infatuation.

The meaning of love has become very diluted. The definition of love to them could mean 'you are so attractive and cute. I feel like i'm on cloud nine when you smile at me' or 'I love you as much as how much i love my pet'. When a boy confesses that he loves you, does he really love you? Love of this world could also be projected as a product. There's a cooling-off/trial period. When someone finds the relationship is not really working out, he/she tries another one in hope to get higher satisfaction. Eventually, distrust, disappointments and hurts are all that is left.

Why would someone still want to plunge their head into a relationship which they know it's regrettable and non-lasting? Why don't they trust Jesus Christ who is ever generous to bless you with someone better? Why do they still hold on to their wrong belief?

I really hope people take courtship very seriously. It is a platform to marriage that is intended for two individuals coming together to become the man or woman God wants us to be. It is such a wonderful thing that God uses your marriage for His purpose. Getting into a courtship because of your negative self-image; to escape an unhappy home; getting together on the rebound and fear of loneliness or independence will normally end your relationship with misery.

Think twice and don't let your emotions manipulate your actions.


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