What is wrong with everyone?

Ever since I came back from Genting, I feel that I have lost touch with everyone. I truly miss yee sue and judee but they don't seem to respond to my messages whenever i text them. I'm very worried about them...Kylie is always on my mind coz she seems to be slowly drifting away from God. I realize that once temptations seize us, there's no way we can run away from them and I think materialism is choking every part of her life...I hope that you guys will keep Kylie in your prayer so that she won't lose faith in God.

I need to give more time to others rather then playing Plants versus Zombies...It's like a devil living in me that my hands can barely leave my pc. It consumes so much of my time! Joy, no more addiction to this game k? You've got to put a full stop to this and start practicing spiritual discipline (that's what we've learnt from the genting retreat).

Yesterday, i learnt something about prayer from the cell meeting. Praying is an act of honesty to God. A righteous man's prayer is more effective not because he is religious in some way or he is holier than others but putting his prayer into action. Rob Bell says that we could be the answer to our prayer. We always pray for the external circumstances to change whereas we ourselves could actually internally change our perspective and attitude towards the world in which will eventually alter the circumstances around us. Good point to be contemplated over, huh...

Let's develop the habit of praying so that we will not be so 'emo' but rather do something that we can make the world a better place.


Lawrence said...

hey.. i will be back in Ipoh for like one week (27th till 3rd oct).. u guys keen to go out yam cha one night?? So long haven't meet up liao... =.=

And hmm.. din know so many things happen, like to Kylie.. but still, I think generally, if u blog, better dun mention names.. if not, people might become offended if they read it.. Just a thought only.. no offence..

P.S: Hope to see u SOON! :)

re-JOY-ice!!! said...

yea..sure no prob. do you have my phone number?