Definition of Beauty

I feel very sad deep within...I'm afraid of what future holds. when i browsed through my schoolmates' pictures, sense of jealousy overwhelmed me. They looked so much happier than where i am now. I feel that i'm very small, naive, immature and stupid. WHY can't i live the life that i want?

Suddenly, God reminded me of His word. Time ticks away swiftly and our days are matter how pretty we dress up, how smart we can be or how successful we are in this world, we are nothing in the eyes of God. What he matters most is our relationship with Him. There are times i struggle with the flesh desire, but His Word comforts me. He brings me hope and a promising future, a life that is different from the world point of view.

Last Saturday night, Winson shared to me the life journey of John Wesley, the founder of Methodist Church. His only mission in life is to carry the good news to God's people. He disciplined himself to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 4am to preach the good news to the peasants. He entirely deprived himself of entertainment. Daily, he engaged himself in prayer at least 4 hours. Despite of the toil he went through, he gave all his money to the poor and the needy. He said that if anyone were to find more than 10 pounds in his body after he died, he'd consider himself a thief by robbing the poor. In his lifetime, he earned only 1 pound a day, and his earning in total was approximately 21900 pounds, excluding the selling of his articles. However, he donated 30,000 pounds to the poor and the needy.

Because of the contribution of John Wesley, the church grew and God added number upon the church. To me, i think that is the legacy God wants us to pass on, selfless faith and great compassion for God's people, die for the gospel...

May i pursue this beauty rather than the beauty that fades...